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About Young Engineers Middlesex UK

Here at e² Young Engineers Middlesex, we love our job. PLAYING WITH LEGO® BRICKS ALL DAY!

We are a small team. all passionate about children learning whilst they play as well as of course the wonderful LEGO® BRICK!

We have a core team of four energetic facilitators as well as assistants who help us out at different venues and when we have larger than normal groups to work with to ensure we give quality attention to each child.

smita Smita Shah

  I am by profession a specialist teacher and truly devoted to helping all children achieving their true potential. Having worked for many years with both adults and children with many types of learning challenges, I am so excited and proud to be a part of the amazing concept that e² Young Engineers has to offer. For years, I have used so many different tools to teach, including the good old LEGO® BRICK but not in the unique way that E² Young Engineers programmes have developed. Every time we deliver a session, I feel invigorated and thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our Lego® kits with the amazing children!

nikhit shahNikhit Shah

  Nikhit is a young man who has always loved LEGO® and cannot believe that he can do this as a career – playing and teaching with LEGO® bricks!!!! There is no need for him to grow up! 🙂

  Being dyspraxic himself, Nikhit can definitely vouch for the value of LEGO® and its teaching power. As well as being an e² Young Engineer which means he plays with LEGO® for a living, Nikhit enjoys playing football, running and cycling in his spare time. He has completed two half marathons and 100-mile cycle ride recently for charity. Nikhit is in charge of making sure we have all our pieces for every session.

daniel smithDaniel Smith

  Daniel is a graduate who has found his niche teaching children basic physics and then building with them. Having a natural talent in teaching, Daniel explains the concepts to children in such as way, that every child is engaged and keen to learn more. When he is not being an e² Young Engineer, Daniel is in the process of writing a couple of books. We are looking forward to reading them, Daniel. Hope they are about LEGO® AND ENGINEERING!! 🙂

Vinod Raghavan

vinod raghavan  Father of two children, Vinod facilitates our Saturday programme as a hobby! During the week, Vinod is an IT specialist. Seeing the importance of e² Young Engineers programmes in a child’s education, he decided to join our team, even though it meant sacrificing his day of rest!